Hip Hop

Learn the hottest moves you see in Music Videos and the Movies from IU’s Hip Hop instructor. Choreography is appropriate for the family of course! Styles taught include pop & lock, house, funk, krumping, break & more! Be the envy of all of your friends on the dance floor, or better yet sign up with them for a guaranteed great time.

Hip Hop Demo featuring choreography by William Faust.
Dustin is on the Left;


Our nationally renown clogging program develops pedestrians into champion dancers. This styles has to be seen to be believed, the combination of extraordinary sound and powerful dancing will get anyone’s heart racing.

Clogging is America’s folk dance and we take pride in exploring both the traditional facets of our dance as well as the cutting edge ‘Power Tap’ or ‘Blending” style you see on TV Shows such as ABDC (America’s Best Dance Crew), America’s Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance!

Great for dancers of all ages and skill levels!!

MOMENTUM performing their Overall
Champion Artistic Expression routine May 2011.


Dance your heart away with our jazz classes; A combination of technique, dance team, contemporary dance, musical theatre, studio and competition styles will make you a super star! Work on technical skills and learn fun routines- this is the class for you if you dream of being an amazing technical dancer, looking for a spot on the dance team or just want to have a great time on the dance floor!!

Dustin Stephan’s Choreography reel, including contemporary work,
jazz routines and dance pieces for the Indiana University Auditorium
and other national venues.

Tap & Percussive Dance

We offer a range of other styles in the percussive dance realm. Dustin’s travels all around the world has exposed him to traditional folklorique dances that he is enthusiastic about spreading to his students. Irish Step, Canadian, Tap and more will get your feet drumming!!

MOMENTUM performing their acclaimed accapella routine as
Indiana University ARTSWeek! Recipients February 2011;

Guys Class & More

Dance class is the perfect complement to any athletic program as it enhances coordination, agility, full body integration and muscle development. All of which are crucial to exemplary performance on the athletic field. Dustin has trained university and professional athletes all of which rave at Dustin’s ability to make learning fun and the gains they get in their sport.